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Who Should Join The House Publishing Club?

Anyone who's interested in publishing anything related to houses should join The House Publishing Club™! Do you love talking, thinking, and writing about residential interiors and architecture? Do you want to meet your goals faster and more easily, with like-minded people helping you and cheering you on? 

If you answered "yes" then this is your private online club. 

Wait, did I say the club is private? Yes! It's private for a reason: So you can confidently share your work and questions, knowing it's not going to pop up in a Google search result

This club is great for interior designers, bloggers, architects, decorators, PR people, photographers, stylists, writers, shop owners, brand managers, and students (you even got your own tribes here!).

Plus, your club host is a pro Editor in Chief who's published hundreds of houses, launched successful blogs and websites, and published four books. Keeping scrolling to watch a video from her...

So you're getting feedback from members and an expert insider who knows what really works. Want to grab editors' attention? You can practice right here. 

Here's a small sample of the kind of great content you'll see inside the club -- all of which is interactive and added to by our members daily:

Does this sound like you? 

  • You want to get a house published in a magazine, so you can get more and better clients...
  • You want to make money from a house-related blog or freelance writing, so you can enjoy passive income and freedom...
  • You want to get tons of followers on social media, so editors starting calling you for interviews...
  • You want to publish a book about your work, but you don't know how to get a book deal or publish it yourself...
  • You want to create a gorgeous, successful website for your firm, brand, or shop, but you don't know how to set it up or drive traffic to it...
  • You want to use all the great features of content marketing without spending huge sums of money doing it. 

Great! You're in the right place!

This Club Is Built for You

There's so much more...

You can join the entire community in our community area. But you can also join smaller tribes with people who share your specific interests and profession. And if you want to start your own tribe, you can! 

Bottom line: This is a supportive, dedicated, fun place where we share our house-related publishing successes, challenges, questions, and discoveries. 

Whatever your goal is at the time, we're here to make the publishing process easier by pooling our knowledge and experience.

Read on for more details about the many benefits of joining the club...

... And don't worry: This is not a community full of random Internet trolls trying to spam you. Ugh! Who has the time to deal with that? Not us. That's why we keep them out.  

Travis Neighbor Ward

About Your Host

Hi! I'm Travis Neighbor Ward, your club host. I'm a former magazine editor in chief, author, blogger, and content marketing expert with over 25 years of experience. I've published hundreds of houses, and I've written about interiors and architecture for national, regional and local publications (plus websites!). You can read more about me on The Decorated Way, a website I run all about blogging, publishing, and marketing for lifestyle and interiors. 

But enough about me! This group is about you. I'm excited to have you join me and our members -- and I'm really looking forward to giving you all the advice I can. I remember clearly what it felt like when I wanted to get published and I didn't know how. That's why I want to give back to others now. Every time I got published, it boosted my career and brought me closer to reaching my goals. But it wasn't easy to figure out. I want to make it much easier for you.  

What You Get In The House Publishing Club:

Lots of great support, tips, and actual information, all geared towards getting houses published. That includes:

  1. Answers, feedback, and advice... That can include anything from "How can I get my blue bedroom published in [your favorite magazine]?" to "How can I make money from my interior design blog?" No question is too "silly" to ask.
  2. A highly organized forum where you can ask questions, write posts, share photos, take polls, and more. Plus those tribes I mentioned earlier, where you can meet people with your same, specific interests. 
  3. Monthly mastermind sessions where I answer members' questions, plus other live events...
  4. The ability to set up your own online meeting, live chat, live video, or local event. The House Publishing Club comes with RSVP, messaging, and integrations with third-party services like Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom...
  5. Fun articles and news related to getting houses published...
  6. Feedback about where to pitch your house and why...
  7. Features on the club's members' only Pinterest boards and Instagram feed...
  8. A club Ambassador Program, where you can earn rewards for bringing in new members -- things like two FREE chapters of my book 550 Interior Design Blog Post Ideasyour post featured club-wide for two days, and a FREE one-page analysis of your website by me using the same strategies I use with my private clients. 
  9. Zero distraction from focusing on your publishing goals, and NO ADS in your feed...
  10. The ability to log in from any device via the Internet, no matter where you are in the world...
  11. And more! We even have courses coming soon...

Trying to Get Published in Magazines and Websites? Watch this video by Travis:

What People Are Saying...

"Travis Neighbor Ward is a real asset to interior designers -- as an editor, a marketing pro, and a coach. When it comes to anything related to interiors and lifestyle, she knows her stuff! Plus, she's great at helping people reach their goals. You don't need to be tech-savvy to learn Travis' tools and strategies because she makes it so easy. I'd recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their blogging, publishing, and marketing." -Gretchen Edwards, Owner of Gilstrap Edwards Interior Design

Why  Not Just Join a Public Group on Social Media?

First, in The House Publishing Club you get access to other club members and me, including everything I've learned over 25 years as a magazine and Web editor. I used to spread myself too thin over free social media groups. Now I focus my energy and time on my premium club members. This way I can give people like you the best of the best. 

We all know that getting houses published is a complicated and often stressful process. But it doesn't have to be! If you want direct access to me, here I am. :) 

Second, because The House Publishing Club is organized around one thing only: helping you get houses and house-related content published. 

And no more scrolling through endless pages of posts hoping to find what you need. I promise you'll be able to find it easily in our club because it's well organized into searchable topics. 

Want to know how to take great scouting shots or write a super pitch letter? Search it within the club. The answers will pop right up.

Third, because The House Publishing Club is exclusive. So you won't find any Internet trolls skulking around, causing a ruckus or trying to spam you. I mean, who wants to deal with annoying trolls if you don't have to? I know I don't.

Fourth, because we'll help you celebrate your victories and manage your rejections. As a professional editor and writer I know just how lonely the publishing pitching process can be. Well, we've got your back covered! On the days when you feel self-doubt, let us get you psyched up again. And on the days when you get a "yes" from an editor, we'll pop the virtual bubbly together. 

What People Are Saying...

“Travis Neighbor Ward is my go-to for the latest on content marketing, blogging and publishing. She is an expert at editorial marketing and highly skilled with the latest tools and technologies. Plus, she can explain it all in an engaging and effective manner to help you execute your own strategies to meet your goals.” -Stephanie Fitzsimmons, PR executive

What Inspired This Club?

This club was inspired by my workshop Get That House PublishedIf you're interested in learning exactly how to get a house published in magazines or websites, with step-by-step instructions and 22 video tutorials that last under 2.5 hours, check it out! Or join The House Publishing Club, become an Ambassador, and qualify to win free enrollment in the workshop. Yippee!

{Please note that we don't actually publish houses in this club, although we do share our work with each other here and via social media. Plus if you want us to share your work outside of the club, we have Pinterest boards and an Instagram "regram" feed ready and waiting.}

What If You Join the Club and Realize It's Not the Right Fit?

If you want to publish a house, then I feel certain this club is going to help you tremendously. If you decide that you don't want to continue with us, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.  - Travis

Want to become a moderator of the club?

Check out the benefits of being a moderator and what it involves. 

Got questions?

Please don't hesitate to shoot us an email at hello(at)housepublishingclub(dot)com. 

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